Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baby Cradle Shower Centerpiece - Girl

A Baby Cradle Shower Centerpiece for a Girl is what our wonderful Lisa Reynolds has in store for you today.

She added Ribbons and bows and tiny little pearls and an adorable Girl Banner to enhance this piece.  If you make it large, it has plenty of room to fill with lots of goodies.  It can be used as a centerpiece or fill and give this as a shower gift to the Mother to-be.  This file can also be made a small and use them to be filled and used as shower fovors for the guests.  It is so beautiful yet so easy to put together.  Change it to pink and add girly frill to use for a girl shower.  This is a must have for any upcoming Showers in your future.

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Judy said...

Oh so cute! I need for someone in the family to have a baby ... besides the cat, that is :-) Beautiful work, Lisa!

Janet's Planet said...

love the cradle! Janet Royer

Anonymous said...

Can I purchase these?