Monday, June 4, 2012

New Free Build-A-Project (BAP)

Here is the new free Build-A Project (BAP) we will be working on over the next 2 weeks

It is a School Bus with 5 pages. You can always add more too. Since it is not a one piece bap, we will extend the deadline to the following Sunday. Yes, you have extra time to ...give this project a little extra love for all those wonderful school pictures hanging around. There is a total of 6 files for this project. You will receive 2 files at a time. Once you have completed those 2 files, just post the two pages, then request the next 2 and so on until you have received the whole book. Please email Robert at Let's get started. By the way, Robert created this mini album.  You must post your completed project on one of our FB pages to get credit so you are able to get the following weeks free file.

What is so awesome about Robert's mini album is that it is so versatile. By eliminating one of the pages and adding additional pages of another one, you can create this mini album if you are not in need of a school bus. Did you go on vacation or move? This BAP is one you surely don't want to miss.  Please email Robert at by Tuesday 6/5/12 if you want to play along for free

Here is the Video I created for the free projects made from last weeks Build-A-Project (BAP)

BAP 22 - How Time Flys
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Shari said...

Love it! Can't wait to get started!