Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Small Candy Boxes ~ Marji

13 days until Christmas!!!
Today I am sharing some new files from Creative Kuts 2, These super cute treat boxes can be filled with lots of different things to make some one special feel extra special!
Now, since I'm a rebel (snort, lol) I did the boxes 2 different ways. Mrs. Cheryl intended the file to be made the way cute little mousie here is shown.

And as you can see it works both ways, the Elf just is a little more secretive with his treats, lol

Best buds, waiting to be filled with yummy treats.

And finally, my initial mistake that ended up working out too ;)
I hope you enjoyed looking as much as I enjoyed making.

Small Holiday Candy Boxes
If you would like to make your own just click on the picture above and head right over to CK2 to get your very own set. I'll be showing you what I did with the Panda and Snowman before Christmas.


Laura said...

They are soo cute... I love the box both ways...

MaryEllen said...

so cute !!! love candy boxes they are great for quick last minute gifts !!

TeresaK said...

These little gift boxes are just adorable! I like them made BOTH ways!